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6 Ways Women Can Thrive in the PR Industry




6 Ways Women Can Thrive in the PR Industry

In the Public Relations industry women are on the rise in the Public Relations community. Since 1970, there has been a jump of women in the public relations industry of 27% to 70% in the field.

Women thrive with business acumen by making sure that their client is getting to their goal with the help of the public relations personnel. Education is not the only part of being a PR person, one has to keep up on current events, as well as keeping up to date with everything else that is going on.

A big part of the PR business is to help the younger ones learn the ropes from the older ones and to be able to mentor them through the difficult parts of the job. The emotional intelligence comes with being able to have common sense when it comes to PR in general. Once one masters that then they are able to easily learn how to properly accommodate their clients.

Someone who is good at creating new ideas and promoting products is someone who would thrive in the community. The best PR people are the ones that are communication savvy. The ones who can easily use technology and are able to built relationships on a personal level and a social media level as well.

I like that this article shows the women community in public relations and how it shows a diagram of how the women are rising in the work force. The one part that I found interesting is that women who grew up with a mother who was working make about 23% more than someone who had a stay at home mom growing up. Today there are more women who are educated than men. They did a projected time of 2058 in which women are equally paid as men.

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