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Malaysia Hops on the “Social Media Bandwagon”

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The article, “Country Case File: Social-media bandwagon is boosting PR in Malaysia,” speaks about how Malaysian companies are beginning to turn towards the expertise of Public Relations professionals in regards to advertising through social media mediums. Although it is better than previous years, Malaysia’s economy is suffering greatly due to the slow-down for the Chinese economy in general. Oil prices are lowering, and the demand for Malaysian products is decreasing greatly.

This downward spiral has resulted in Malaysian companies seeking guidance and new ways of advertising their products. Advances in technology is occurring rapidly, and social media is continuing to grow in this country as well. According to a study, 84 percent of Malaysians take advantage of being connected to social networks and the media anywhere and at anytime.

This article relates to what we are currently discussing in class, because the Malaysian companies are seeking assistance from PR professionals for guidance of how to properly interact with consumers through social media. The explosive growth of social media has not only changed the landscape of PR here in the United States, but in Malaysia as well. Local brands and organizations are looking to “get on the social media bandwagon.” Considering the slow economy, marketing budgets are lower than general and companies now are turning towards PR agencies to help upkeep their images and advertise their products through social media in an affordable manner.

“Country Case File: Social-media Bandwagon Is Boosting PR in Malaysia.” Country Case File: Social-media Bandwagon Is Boosting PR in Malaysia. Haymarket Media Group, 22 Sept. 2015. Web. 24 Sept. 2015.


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