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Use of Social Media in the Drinks Industry is Maturing: PR Newswire


According to the report, ‘The State of Drinks Industry Social Media’ beverage companies created campaigns that fell into four categories: cause led, events led, community led, and sales promotion led.  These four categories and their processes are extremely different.

I chose this article because it directly relates with my blog post for Social Media Chapter 3.  I spoke in that post about how I believe Red Bull is a company that successfully uses social media, while its competitors lack this trait, to expand their brand and profits.

The report focused on brands such as: Kirin, Amstel, SABMiller, Bacardi, Absolut, Fanta, Mizone, Budweiser, and Skol.  John Newton explains, “The report highlights how drinks producers are having to juggle consumer demand for authenticity with the needs to both develop innovative content and hit commercial targets… drinks brands are now expected to be producer-publishers. Social media is a primary way of sharing content to drive interest, brand values, brand fame and sales.”

Red Bull drove brand fame with its unique social media strategy.  These other companies can share Red Bull’s success by ditching old advertising and marketing techniques for new social media strategies.

Woman using her smartphone and lots of people portraits around her. Mobile technology concept

The world truly is at our fingertips when it comes to technology, we just have to know how to use to our benefit.


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