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An important habit for PR professionals is to constantly be monitoring what is happening in your industry. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of blogs and publications that discuss PR trends, news, and tactics.

It can be a bit overwhelming. Especially if you are a student or working professional with constant deadlines and issues that pop up.

So, I recommend that you choose 2-4 industry blogs or publications to follow. I’ve given you a list under the Requirements page (see link on the left). Many have email newsletters, Twitter profiles, and websites. Use whatever channel works best for you.starthere

Best of all, you can earn extra credit for starting this habit and doing a short blog post on one article each week.

Here are the requirements to earn points:

  • Find an article about a PR topic either discussed in class or in your weekly reading. Topics cannot include personnel changes or new client announcements. Topics should be about PR strategy, using PR tactics, or campaigns. They must be PR industry related not general consumer articles.
  • Minimum 200-words per post. (To give you an idea of length, this post is 284 words)
  • Briefly summarize the article highlighting the key points and the significance to the principles and practices of PR. Also, provide a personal reflection on why you found the article interesting or important.
  • Only one post per week is eligible for points.
  • Posts are due prior to class each week.
  • First post due 9/17 at 6pm and last post due 12/10 at 6pm.
  • Feel free to be creative in your writing style. However, follow standard grammar rules.

Each post must include the following:

  • Headline of article is the headline of your post.
  • Link to article on the web.

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/38565413@N03/5086611825


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